Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Does Tapping On A Dropped Pokeball Pick It Up?

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Myth or Fact: 

Question: Does tapping on a dropped Pokéball in Pokemon Go allow you to pick the Pokéball back up?
Answer: No. - MYTH


When you miss a Pokémon completely, tapping on the Pokéball sometimes makes it look like it returns to your hand. As a result, players began circulating the rumor that tapping on a dropped Pokéball allows you to pick it back up and try again.

This test is easily verifiable in the following way. On the bottom right-hand side of the Pokeball, there is a number (in this case 114). This is the number of this specific type of  Pokéball that you have in your bag.

Take note of the number on the screen, miss a Pokéball, tap it as many times as you want, and see if the number stays the same or drops by one.

If it does stay the same, feel free to comment below! If not, this myth will stay debunked.

Is this something you thought was true? Not convinced yet? Comment below!


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